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Meet Ryan Kenny

Ryan Kenny founded Pause in 2015 with his partner Rena with a simple vision – to help people slow down and make space for what matters most. What started as a grassroots, Portland-based effort has evolved into a global movement. Today, Pause is a trusted leader in the modern mindfulness sphere, helping leaders, teams, and organizations unlock their inner resources for resilience.


Beyond his work with Pause, Ryan loves a good cup of coffee, body surfing in the ocean, and spending quality time with his friends and family. His favorite place to meditate, hands down, is in a hot tub.

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Bring Ryan to your next event

Ryan offers customized keynotes designed to support teams in unlocking group genius, becoming more creatively energized, focused, effective, and empathetic.


Topics include:

  • LEADERSHIP PRESENCE: The Path To Deeper Connection

  • Human Connection: Build team cohesion, trust, psychological safety, and interpersonal skills that allow others to thrive.

  • Happiness: Develop the skills to reduce stress, live within your values, and make decisions that foster sustained happiness.

  • Leadership: Learn to eliminate drama and lead with insight, empathy, and compassion.

  • Focus: Move from auto-pilot to aware, improving your daily focus and cultivating the ability to be present with your life and work.

  • Reconnection to Nature: Gain purpose and meaning in your career, experience expanded relationships, through reconnection with the more-than-human-world.

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